Waterfront Master Plan

After significant stakeholder and community input, Collingwood has released it’s comprehensive strategic plan for the development of the waterfront. This is one of the town’s top 5 goals for the next two decades.

Collingwood’s waterfront will offer balanced access to the shoreline and the water, protecting sensitive shoreline habitats while offering an increasingly diverse set of land and water activities with something for everyone. Rejuvenated public spaces will support Collingwood’s existing strengths – natural beauty, a historically significant harbour, a vibrant commercial downtown and an active community life.

With the goal of enhanced public access and rejuvenation of public spaces, the waterfront master plan was developed between Feb. – Nov. 2016. Building on conversations which occured during the Community Basted Strategic Planning process, the study will guide the implementation over the next 10-20 years.


Collingwood is a vibrant community with many activities.

The harbour is the former economic heart of Collingwood. Since the decline of the shipbuilding industry, the port turned into a beautiful park, where you can still see the original grain elevators. Stay tuned for more about our community!